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For many years, the College of Mayors and Aldermen has wanted to give a more personalised welcome to its residents of foreign nationality or origin by allowing them to express themselves in their communications in the language they know best.

It‘s true that French is the most commonly used language in our municipality (as in the Brussels Region as a whole) and is the main official language together with Dutch.

Nevertheless, we have always considered that without of course ignoring the legal obligation to use one of the two official languages for official and administrative acts, the use of the language known to our inhabitants of foreign nationality or origin is a mark of attention and courtesy. We know the diversity of the populations who are established in the Brussels municipalities. The European communities are important, but so are the communities of people from outside the European Union.

In our municipal administration, several employees are trained in other languages and are happy to interact with you in German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic, English and other languages. To this end, the College grants a bonus to staff who improve their oral skills in one or other of the languages mentioned.

In order to make your visit to our municipality even more pleasant, we have compiled a set of essential information on the questions you usually ask and have translated it into several languages.

We recommend that you read this brochure and warmly welcome you to Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

Olivier MAINGAIN, Mayor
Jacqueline DESTREE-LAURENT, Alderman of population/civil status
Philippe JAQUEMYNS, Alderman of relations with the European communities


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